Saturday, September 11, 2010


By my Faith....
I am reborn
Time and time again
Throughout Eternity

By my words....
I am remembered
Time and time again
Throughout Eternity

By my actions....
I am loved
Time and time again
Throughout Eternity

By my Honour....
I am respected
Time and time again
Throughout Eternity

By my Goddess....
I am Divine
Time and time again
Throughout Eternity.

The Journey

To knowing the strength I have
and not having to assert it.
To knowing how selfless I am
and not requiring validation.
To knowing the love I am worthy of
and not needing reassurance.
The journey
to knowing who I am.

The Goddess Within

The look in her eyes tells a story
The thoughts in her head
numb her mind
The pain in her heart
should destroy her
The sights that she`s seen
leave her blind

The thoughts that she has
should inspire you
The pain that she knows
blow your mind
The strength she upholds
should be humbling
The woman she is
is Divine.


The Goddess of the moon I sought
To show guidance in my life
Rhiannon showed herself to me
When I surrendered to my strife

She led me through my darkest trials
When to my eyes appeared
She gave me strength to face my life
And take on all my fears

Rhiannon is my guiding light
Goddess of the moon
To guide you through your darkest hour
harken to the Witches Rune.

My Broken Heart

I wanted to write a letter
I just can`t find the words
To express the sorrow that I feel
That we`re now in separate worlds

I wanted to say I`m sorry
For causing so much pain
I wanted to say I love you
I wish you loved me again

I want you to know I think of you
The pain never goes away
I want you to know my heart feels the pain
of my betrayal every day

You know I have to tell you
You really need to know
I can`t keep it any longer
I need the room to grow

You`re in my heart and always will be
I`ll always be your "little girl"
All I ever wanted was to shine for you
Like a beautiful, brand new pearl

But along the way my pearl was tarnished
Through pride, jealousy and spite
It doesn`t matter how sad I am
I can never make it right

I want you to know I accept that
There`s a peace inside my heart
I know I have to let you go
And make a brand new start

I`d like to end by saying I love you
I wish you well upon your path
I`ll just take my broken heart
And deal with the aftermath.

I like me

I turn and look into myself
I see my secret fears
The reasons that I`m empty
Why my heart is full of tears

Then I see myself stand up
and brush away the pain
I see me take control of me
I stand up tall again

I love my Goddess outside
And I love her from within
It`s time to let her shine again
I`m strong and I will win

No more hiding in the shadows
Hoping not to be seen
I want to be seen, I`m proud of me
Doesn`t matter who I`ve been

There`s no winner and no loser
Just me and I`m so glad
I finally found myself within
And you know what, I`m not so bad.

Drama to Karma

Drama drama
Turn to Karma
From wenst you came
Return to thee

I cast unto
the winds of Truth
Negative vibes
That have no use

For all the ill
They think of me
I cast unto them
Their own negativity

Times three.