Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Childs letter

I have an ugly secret
That I`m too afraid to tell
He says I`ll get in trouble
Maybe even go to hell

I want to tell you mummy
What daddys friend has done to me
But he says that he can`t help it
I have to shut up and let it be

I don`t like it when he touches me
And I don`t like touching him
But he says I have to do it
If I disobey, I commit a sin

I really wish you`d make him stop
Check me when he shuts the door
He says that if I tell you
God will think that I`m a whore

I wish I could tell you mummy
Why I lay awake at night
Why I wet the bed last week
Why I won`t sleep without a light

But I`m not allowed to tell you
I have to keep it in my head
All the things he makes me do
When he sneaks into my bed

He says he`s sorry if it hurts me
It`s just for my own good
To learn to be a grown up girl
And know everything I should

I don`t want to learn his lessons
And I don`t know what to do
If I tell, bad things will happen
I`ll send other people to hell too

So I snuck into your handbag
And I took a jar of pills
The ones that make you happy
When you and daddy fight over bills

I`m sorry that I took them all
I hope that you`re not mad
I hope they make me happy too
I don`t like to feel this sad

I`m feeling really tired now
Tonight I`ll sleep without the light
I`ll wish for bad to leave me
And I`ll pray with all my might

I`ll pray that you`ll all be ok
If you find this letter while I sleep
And I`ll pray that I don`t go to hell
For the secrets that I keep...

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